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French Horn


90ml £6.20

250ml £11.80

400ml £20

400ml walnut lid glass jar with refillable option £29


The Healing Gift Box

Including a large 250ml lavender and amethyst candle, 250g bag of Raw Rose Quartz, pink himalayan and Epsom Bath Salts, 250g bag of amethyst, pink himalayan and epsom bath salts, a natural wood hand made soap rack and a free 80g bar of Cucumber Aloe and Lemongrass Donkey Milk Soap. This box is a very special box, bursting at the seams with healing wonders. The perfect gift to yourself of a loved one who is in desperate need of healing; mind, body or soul. our crystal infused products are made with upmost care and thought in mind to ensure you receive the most out of these healing ingredients. All of our gift boxes are made to order and beautifully gift wrapped by hand, making it the easiest gift to buy!




Our best selling Lavender and Amethyst candle is made using coconut and rapeseed wax, blended within Europe exclusively and is made using rapeseed oil, coconut oil and absolutely nothing else. not a chemical or additive in sight. We add high quality Lavender essential oil and pour our candles by hand, finishing off to the smoothest finish with tumbled Amethyst crystals, providing you with both relaxation and crystal healing. Amethyst crystals are known to relieve stress, sooth irritability, provide balance, dispel anger, fear, and anxiety. it is also known to activate spiritual awareness and support through grief and sadness.

90ml Aluminium tin £6.80

250ml Aluminium tin £12.40

400ml Aluminium tin £21

400ml Walnut lid glass jar with refillable option £31

*Please always read the safety label at the bottom of our candles and ensure you burn candles to the maximum wax pool upon first burn*

saxophone lamp

Pink Rose Buds, Pink Himalayan And Epsom Bath Salts

Each healing bag contains a mix of pink himalayan and Epsom Salts, fragrant pink rose buds for that feminine touch and topped with a wooden scoop.

Pink Himalayan rock salt is magical stuff! It reduces inflammation and swelling, soothes pains, aches, sprains and strains, lowers blood pressure, increases hydration and promotes electrolyte balance. Epsom salt also works wonders in soothing aches and pains. Our bath salts are scooped into biodegradable bags.

250g £6.75

750g £14.75

vintage camera lamp


Our hand made triple butter Raspberry Cappuccino hand soap is a real treat for the hands. Made using a creamy, luscious blend of cocoa butter, mango butter and shea butter, its bursting with moisturising benefits, with added skin exfoliant and detox from a splash of fairtrade coffee and grounds. With added coffee fragrance and a fruity sweetness from raspberry seed oil which gives this soap a sweet lift making it smell good enough to eat! (Its tempting but please don’t!)

80g Bars £5.00

30g Travel size Bars £2.50

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